4 years old Indian American girl, break two Worlds records

4 years old Indian American girl, break two Worlds records


VOP Bureau – Indian American, 4 years old Kiara Kaur set’s a world record in London and Asia book of records  for reading 36 books nonstop for one hour and forty five minutes. Kiara’s reading habit took birth at the age of 3 years. She picked up reading so fast that she never needed someone to recite the sentence in front of her and began reading herself. She is an extrovert kid who loves to talk and narrate stories to people.

In this era of digitalization, where habit of reading books is diminishing, little Kiara Kaur from UAE born  in the USA reads like wildfire. Kiara started reading at the tiny age of just 3 years. She got this habit in her nursery class about which her dentist mother Dr. Little Mahendra was informed by the school teacher, that Kiara is so much into books. Her mother gives credit to her grandparents, Dr. Rita Batra and Lt.Col. M.P. Singh on nurturing and upbringing of Kiara.

Kiara has added more stars to her glory by being an extrovert kid who loves to narrate stories to people after reading books. Kiara is not just a fluent reader, but is also the fastest, non-stop reader, who finished reading 36 books non-stop within 1 hour, 45 minutes at the tender age of just 4 years. In the technology driven times, Kiara is that gem who has kept the crown of reading alive. Kiara herself took up reading as a natural choice for herself. She never needed someone to recite the sentences in front of her and began reading by herself.

Kiara’s curiosity is inbuilt and thus the little kid never needs to get inspired by the outer sources. She keeps on asking questions regarding the books and its stories and imagines different ends of the story. Along with this, Little Kiara also has keen interests in  swimming and hiking.

Kiara has read more than 200 books and counting more so far and reading seems to be her only passion. Kiara doesn’t sleep without reading and gets up and immediately wants a book. Due to her habit of finishing books her mother has to visit the bookstore every week to buy new books for her.

Ridhi Bhandari, Jalandhar (Punjab)


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